Circuit Wound “A Sudden Lapse of Concentration” CD

Southern California based artist Jay Howard’s multi-decades long harsh noise project clocks in with his second Oxen release following on 2018’s  “Symbiotic Cannibalism” with the generously bombastic rush of deftly spun, intuitive harsh noise as is is trademark. Over the course of the three extended tracks “A Sudden Lapse of Concentration” gleefully abuses the listener in sheets of a gnarled, hellacious onslaught. Very heavy damage. Original artwork & design by Kevin Donald McEleney. Mastered by Grand Richardson

Scathing ” A Capital Beneath The Waves” CD

Austin Texas’ Scathing has been proving over the course of the last few years his acute instinct for harsh noise structure and sprawl. “A Capital Beneath The Waves” is an unpredictable collection of profoundly fluid noise delivered with an armor of mutilated feedback yielding to a vigorous distribution of Americanoise, naturally plowing through all guardrails, unhinged like a swirl of limbs that is Kenny Brieger’s stamp. Mastered by Grand Richardson

Government Alpha scum “Swamp Attack” CD available now

LEAH P “Surviving The Familiar” CD oxen072