scum / Unsustainable Social Condition  “Necessary Downfall” CD

Split release featuring Japan’s master of aural havoc, peeling off three sweeping compositions of nimble physicality, unwavering patience discharging the disciplined force of pulsating harsh noise cut-up and beyond. USC dispatches a sonically lawless tumult across two extended tracks of unmerciful, sweeping harsh noise .

scum / Unsustainable Social Condition ” Necessary Downfall” CD | Oxen Records (

KNURL “The Final Decisive Moment” CD

Abundantly abused humming buzz saw sculptures from a master of amplified metal junk mayhem. Using “wired” car spring, cement trowel, stainless steel and glass KNURL builds showers of glistening, unassailable harsh noise across the span of nine incomparably sculpted tracks. 

KNURL “The Final Decisive Moment” | Oxen Records (

Systemic Sewage / Unsustainable Social Condition “All Available Weaponry” CD

Tape Mail collab between C. Mumma (Unexamine), Grand Rapids and USC, Los Angeles. All Available Weaponry supplies blurry snapshots of torrents of noise-core, harsh noise, supple dimensions of feedback in endless supply. (Note on cover and inner photos: Gerry Adams, Brendan Hughes and Ivor Bell photographed by British Military intelligence after their capture in 1973. They would be interned at Long Kesh.)

Systemic Sewage / Unsustainable Social Condition All Available Weaponry | Oxen Records (

Spring 2022 design black printed by Forrest Passage Kentucky, USA on super soft cotton stock.
(Brendan Hughes photographed by British Military intelligence after his capture capture in 1973. When soldiers asked him what he would do next Hughes replied ‘I’m going to escape.’)

Scathing ” A Capital Beneath The Waves” CD

Austin Texas’ Scathing has been proving over the course of the last few years his acute instinct for harsh noise structure and sprawl. “A Capital Beneath The Waves” is an unpredictable collection of profoundly fluid noise delivered with an armor of mutilated feedback yielding to a vigorous distribution of Americanoise, naturally plowing through all guardrails, unhinged like a swirl of limbs that is Kenny Brieger’s stamp. Mastered by Grand Richardson

LEAH P “Surviving The Familiar” CD oxen072