DEATH DEDICATION “Dopamine Abjection Sabotage” CD

Tracks complied from previously released cassettes released on Property Solution as “Dopamine Scythe”, “Imprudent Abjection”, “Pure Slaughter Value” and “Sabotage Momentum”

All sounds and non-sounds by Aaron Aspinwall
Mastered by Nolan Throop

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Ghost Dance “The Future Holds Nothing Else But Confrontation” CS Debut release from Western Michigan based Travis William’s Ghost Dance. Harsh Noise testimonial to Public Enemy. Mangled layers, cracking, stabbing analogue growling, a total sonic bludgeoning. Subordinate terror kicking off an era.

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J H K “Sugar Mountain”
Transient malevolence, brief burrs of noise surge to blast strikes suddenly broken cycles yielding dissonant, soft details of dynamic strains of textural breadth, gleefully inviting dead spaces broken by a gravelly crunch and the void which seems to swallow every sound. 

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Richard Ramirez “Eye Contact” CD
Thriving on tension and draped in expansive, whirring squall of electronics underpinned with junk noise, combative waves of dissonant sheets of shimmering blown out frequencies.

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JSH Rev 13:6 CD. Pure harsh noise recorded live, straight to tape, following up from 2022’s superb Job 16:9 on Phage Tapes, Stockholm based harsh noise artist Johan Strömvall Hammarstedt, boss and founder at Ominous Recordings rips through a perfect blend of harsh and junk noise, ruthlessly dishing out crushing peels of feedback and suffocatingly, dense layers of harsh noise.

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Parasite Nurse Life Is Beautiful CD. NYC Harsh Noise Cut-up artist Parasite Nurse tears ceaselessly into sonic landscapes, intricately slicing through the membrane of consciousness creating fleeting portals of pavement saw tonalities and blinding blasts expertly delivered. Catch Parasite Nurse alongside fellow NYC artist J.H.K. on their European Tour Oct 2023

Parasite Nurse ‘”Life Is Beautiful” | Oxen Records (

Leah P | USC | Of The Skull Limited edition 3x CS set. Each box and artwork hand made by Leah P, box set includes new cassettes from Leah P, Unsustainable Social Condition and debut release of Of The Skull, live project of Leah P and Matt Purse.

Leah P | USC | Of The Skull Limited edition 3x CS set | Oxen Records (

Perfected Grave Vault CD

Perfected Grave Vault “Mutative Forecast” CD A collection of eight tracks originally released on cassette 2022-2023 Perfected Grave Vault is Aaron Aspinwall and Charles Mumma GRHN

Perfected Grave Vault “Negative Forecast” | Oxen Records (

Debut project from Adam Jennings (Our Wrongs/Winters In Osaka/Urine Cop) Gaze/Hue offers layered, grainy textures bound by intervals of studied compositions and improvisational primitive absorption.

Mastered by Lasse Marhaug

INCAPACITANTS “Oxen Man’s Uneasiness” CD

Following 2020’s “Onomatopée Suicida” on Total Black, T. Mikawa and Fumio Kosakai lead off the wild odyssey of “Oxen Man’s Uneasiness”, peeling off panning swells, blasting particles into sprawling towers of free form dissonance with an oceanic force.

Tracks two and three expand upon the duo’s free form challenge to frequency range and give space to density, effectively pushing the boundaries of their enduring style.

The last track is a final, crashing shore-break of static energy, a re-entry of total trademark cacophony.

Original artwork and design by Kevin Donald McEleney mastered by Grant Richardson

INCAPACITANTS “Oxen Man’s Uneasiness” | Oxen Records (

Copies also available through: Scream & Writhe (Canada & EU), NeDS (Japan), White Centipede Noise (Germany/EU), Tordon Ljud and Adhuman (UK) Skeleton Dust and Torn Light (USA).

NBDY “Woods & Wires” CD

Czech Republic artist NBDY utilities precise measures in his approach to cut-up noise. Tearing into passages with precise immediacy which at points abruptly hyperextends into crisp, bracing passages of pure stillness.

Mastered by Grant Richardson original photography by Leah Purse

NBDY “Woods & Wires” | Oxen Records (

Copies also available through: Scream & Writhe (Canada & EU), NeDS (Japan), White Centipede Noise (Germany/EU), Tordon Ljud and Adhuman (UK) Skeleton Dust and Torn Light (USA).

Dressing “From the Body to the Door” CD
Dressing is the experimental noise project of Dublin based artist Kevin Kirwan with two previously self-released cassettes and a CD reissue of those two cassettes on the Cork based experimental label Krim Kram.
Dressing “From the Body to the Door” $10.00
Purgist “Heartsink” CD
Dawid Kowalski’s Purgist new CD recorded in anticipation of his 2022 US tour. Original artwork and design by Justyna Bielecka.
Purgist “Heartsink” $10.00

scum / Unsustainable Social Condition  “Necessary Downfall” CD

Split release featuring scum and Unsustainable SoCal Condition: harsh noise .

scum / Unsustainable Social Condition ” Necessary Downfall” CD | Oxen Records (

KNURL “The Final Decisive Moment” CD

Unassailable harsh noise across the span of nine incomparably sculpted tracks. 

KNURL “The Final Decisive Moment” | Oxen Records (

Systemic Sewage / Unsustainable Social Condition “All Available Weaponry” CD

Tape Mail collab between C. Mumma (Unexamine), Grand Rapids and USC, Los Angeles.

(Note on cover and inner photos: Gerry Adams, Brendan Hughes and Ivor Bell photographed by British Military intelligence after their capture in 1973. They would be interned at Long Kesh.)

Systemic Sewage / Unsustainable Social Condition All Available Weaponry | Oxen Records (

Scathing ” A Capital Beneath The Waves” CD

Scathing “A Capitol Beneath The Waves” CD

Austin Texas’ Scathing. Blistering Harsh Noise from the master of aural havoc Kenny Brieger.

Mastered by Grand Richardson

LEAH P “Surviving The Familiar” CD oxen072